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Dear Friends!

  • 11 May 2017

Welcome to the world of groupNpay!

What you see before you is a result of many hours of hardwork and dedication put in by a wonderful team of committed professionals.

Our vision is to create a collaborative economy that relies on a network of buyers to enable collective bargaining of goods and services. It is of my personal opinion that in today’s well connected world, individualistic needs and desires can be turned into a satisfying experience by enabling people to come together to get what they need.

This is not a ground breaking idea. It is the crux of many of today’s top web and mobile based applications. It is the foundation of all the ‘crowd’ based collaborations that are gaining ground today. But what is unique is how the concept has been put into practice.

Think of all the times when,

− you wanted to buy in bulk but rarely had the access to visit the source and ended up buying from a retail point,

− you have felt, just by the virtue of buying more you deserved a discount on your purchase,

− you have fought tooth and nail for that discount you though you deserved but ended up receiving only a marginal amount or none at all,

− you did not have the opportunity to do all that!

Not everyone is gifted with the bargaining skills. But everyone expects the simple law of economics to work to their advantage. That is what we aim to achieve through groupNpay.

We hope you have a wonderful experience shopping in our marketplace. Please feel free to send us your feedback.


A. Chandrasekaran,

CEO/Founder Director of Infocareer