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Q : What is groupNpay?
A : groupNpay is a platform that provides its members with the best possible deals by grouping members of similar interests together and allowing them to purchase products at the best price.

Q : Is groupNpay a Merchant or a marketplace?
A : groupNpay is a 100%-pure marketplace. We offer services and features for Merchants to utilize our platform to sell products where demand for bulk requirement is satisfied. We do not buy/sell any product.

Q : Is groupNpay a fair marketplace?
A : As per the latest government notifications on regulation of e-commerce marketplaces, a marketplace may not provide unnatural discounts and/or promote any one particular Merchant and/or individual. groupNpay plays fair and gives equal opportunities to all Merchants to use and sell effectively.

Q : Who are the Merchants who sell on groupNapy?
A : groupNpay deals with only manufacturers and wholesalers. We do not have any retail merchants.

Q : How do I become a member (user) of groupNpay?
A : To become a member (user) you must register with us. Click on the Signup button on the landing page to register. If you are looking for Merchant or Corporate registration, kindly visit the corresponding groupNpay sites for more information.

Q : Is groupNpay available on Mobile?
A : No. However we are working on an Android based app that will be released shortly. You can check our website or our Facebook page for regular updates.

Q : How is the discount on the products offered?
A : Unlike other e-commerce portals, groupNpay does not subsidize any product. Purely based on volume dynamics, the Merchant offers his own discounts.


Q : What is a group?
A : A group refers to a group of buyers showing interest in the same product. However, the individual interest may be different if the product has different options in terms of colour or sizing. The collection of such individual requirements will lead to a bulk order thus satisfying the Merchant criteria for volume sales. This is called a group.

Q : What is meant by group expiry?
A : Once formed, a group exists for a definite period of time only. This time (countdown from time of creation) is available in the respective product page that users can see.

Q : Can user join/exit a group already created?
A : Yes, once a public group is created, it exists for a definite period of time. During this period, any number of users can join or leave the group. So the volume will continue to vary during this period.

Q : How does a group close?
A : When a group expires, the final quantity in the group determines the volume. The price of the product is determined by this final quantity (as per the pricing table available in the product page). groupNpay sends out an order to the merchant containing the details of all the individual users in the group along with their requirements which the Merchant processes.

Q : What is a public group and private group?
A :
  • Public group means any user from anywhere can join an ongoing group to pool in their collective requirements. This is open to all. Here, users can add their individual requirements for any quantity they wish to purchase, including a single unit.
  • Private group refers to individual purchase by one single user. If a user meets the minimum volume requirement of the Merchant then he can choose to buy individually as well.

  • Q : How public group differs from a private group?
    A :
    a. Public group contains requirements for many users whereas a private group has requirement from only one user.
    b. There can only be one public group existing at a given time. Any number of private groups can be created.
    c. Public group has a definite expiry period. Private groups have no waiting time. As soon as the use indicates his requirements, he can close the group and procced to check-out for immediate despatch of goods.
    d. A user can purchase any quantity in a public group (even a single unit). However the user has to meet the minimum volume requirement of the Merchant if he is purchasing individually in a private group.

    Q : Is private group really a group?
    A : Not exactly. A private group is actually a simple individual purchase for users who want an immediate delivery for his/her bulk requirements. No grouping takes place.

    Q : If I meet the Merchant’s minimum volume requirement, do I have to buy only individually?
    A : No, even if you meet the minimum volume requirement, you can still choose to join a public group if you feel you have a chance to get a better pricing.

    Q : If I join a public group how long do I have to wait?
    A : Typically a group lasts for 4 to 10 days. This varies from product to product. Before you create/join a group you will be able to see the likely delivery date of the product which is clearly indicated at the bottom of the group selection box.

    Q : If I have different requirements of the same product can I group them together in a single group?
    A : Yes you can. If the Merchant offers the product in different colours and/or sizes, then you can purchase your bulk quantity for whichever colour or size. At the time of joining the group this can be clearly indicated along with how much quantity of each requirement you need.

    Q : What happens in a public group if the minimum volume of the Merchant is not met?
    A : If the minimum volume is not met, then on group expiry the order auto-cancels and your payment will be released back to you.

    Q : Why is there no Add-to-Cart option?
    A : Unfortunately, our business model requires a unique payment gateway model which is currently not offered by any bank. The payment model does not allow for combining multiple items in a cart. However we are constantly working with our 3rd party solutions provides on improving customer experience. You may visit our website or Facebook page regularly to updates on the same.

    Payment and Delivery

    Q : When do I have to make a payment?
    A : You will have to make a payment the moment you join a group.

    Q : Why do I have to pay even if I have to wait for the group to close?
    A :
    a. Bulk purchases and volume discounts work on the premise that these are definite. So you will need to confirm your requirements on joining.
    b. A group closes only after a pre-determined period. It may be highly likely that after the pre-determined period, you may not be available or have access to internet to pay and confirm your requirement. Any delay from one user will affect all the individual buyers in that group and prevent them from receiving the product at the determined pricing.

    Q : How payment happens?
    A : In groupNpay we use the concept of secure & release. This means once you join a public group and enter your requirement, you will requested to make a payment. However, this is only a pre-authorization on your card to debit the amount. No debit actually takes place. Amount is debited only on group closing. If order auto-cancels due to any reason, the pre-authorization is released.

    Q : Can I use all cards to make payment?
    A :
  • Public group – You can use only a credit card to make payment. Visa, Mastercard, Amex etc. can be used.
  • Private group – Credit/Debit card can be used to make payment. Visa, Mastercard, Amex etc. can be used.

  • Q : Is the payment option same for both a public group and a private group?
    A :
  • No, in a public group, you pre-authorize your card for payment at a later date (determined by the group closing period, not exceeding 10 days).
  • In a private group (individual purchase), there is no authorization or waiting time. Your amount is debited immediately and your order is processed.

  • Q : What is meant by pre-authorization?
    A : This means that you authorize groupNpay to debit the amount from you card at a later date for your order (the later date is determined by the expiry period of the group, not exceeding 10 days).

    Q : Will any debit take place on my card during pre-authorization?
    A : No. We will not debit any amount.

    Q : What will happen to my credit card limit during pre-authorization?
    A : When you pre-authorize your card for a particular amount, the credit limit on your credit card will come down by that amount.

    Q : How is the pre-authorization amount determined?
    Q : Why is my card being pre-authorized for a different amount that the current value of the product in the group?
    A :
  • groupNpay does not know what will be the final value of the product on group closure. Since the group is a dynamic entity (users opting-in and opting-out) determining the price is not possible. It is also not practical that after securing the card for a particular value, the user be asked to make payment again for the difference amount if the volume falls and the price goes to a higher bracket.
  • Keeping this in mind, groupNpay decides the pre-authorization amount by considering the minimum volume pricing (the pricing at the lowest volume bracket) which is the highest pricing level above which the price cannot reach.
  • Any further price movement can only be lower, so on group closing, this amount is determined and debited from your card. The balance hold on the card is automatically released by the payment system.

  • Q : How payment in a public group and private group differs?
    A :
    a.In a public group, we secure a hold for a particular amount on your card (pre-authorize). Whereas in a private group (buying individually) there is no concept of pre-authorization.
    b. In a public group, payment is debited after group closing. In a private group (individual purchase), payment is debited instantly.
    c. Only credit cards can be used when purchasing in a public group. Credit or Debit card can be used when buying individually.

    Q : Is the payment gateway secure?
    A : Yes, our PG is provided by HDFC which users industry standard security features for a safe transaction. Your online transaction with us is 100% safe.

    Q : Does groupNpay store card information?
    A : No, we neither store card information nor recommend users to disclose card information to any 3rd parties belonging to/claiming to belong to groupNpay and/or any of its affiliates.

    Order Cancellations/Refunds/Rejections/Returns

    Q : When can I cancel my order?
    A :
    Scenario Response
    Anytime during group expiry Allowed
    After order completion Not allowed
    On receipt of goods (before taking delivery) Only if there is visible signs of damage or mis-handling
    On receipt of goods and opening contents Only if product is defective and/or not as per order

    Q : Why can’t I cancel my order after group closes?
    A : Bulk/Wholesale purchase works on the premise of committed large quantities. This is the basis on which a Merchant offers price discounts. Cancelling after group completion only amounts to fixing a lower price for a product that does not meeting the Merchant volume requirement which will not be beneficial to whole value system. As a user you have sufficient time (until group closing) to evaluate your purchase requirements.

    Q : Will I get a refund for my cancelled orders or a replacement?
    A : If the order cancellation meets the specified conditions as per above, then you may either claim for a refund or you can have a replacement product sent to you.

    You may contact our support team 24/7 via email: or phone: 1800-1033-160